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07FA - Ocean Reef Club Airport ...

Key Largo, FL, US

Lat / Long: 25.3253930556, -80.2747747222
Time Zone: America/New_York   UTC -5 (-4 DT)
Lights: --
Time: 12:45 PM [1645 UTC]
Elevation: 8
Tower: No

07FA FBO Information

Updated: 9/11/2020
Ocean Reef Airport is a private airport, owned and operated by Ocean Reef Club, Inc. The Ocean Reef Airport Committee through the ORC Board of Directors have both the authority and the responsibility to oversee the operation of the airport. All flying activities at Ocean Reef Airport are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
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Arrivals Per 365 Days

07FA Airport 115
Ocean Reef Club Inc. 92
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