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Air Charter Scheduling

Introducing the first web based flight scheduling software created specifically for air charter companies.

Our mission is to offer intuitive software that seamlessly connects pilots, passengers, owners, and executive assistants.

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Broker $300 per month
0-1 Aircraft $150 per month
2 Aircraft $260 per month
3 Aircraft $370 per month
4 Aircraft $480 per month
5 Aircraft $590 per month
$10 for each additional aircraft after the 5th

All pricing plans reflect the monthly total for all aircraft covered by the plan. Additional rates apply when registering over five aircraft.
All contracts are month-to-month and payments are made by credit card. All customers may cancel at anytime.

Everything you need, all in one place

Web Based

We use the most modern web applications to create a web-based experience that can help a charter operation run smoothly and connect their staff to help make sure the little details don't get overlooked.

Air Charter Software

This is the first web based flight scheduling software created specifically for air charter companies. Our goal is to provide a simple but useful software to help your air charter company quote and run each flight smoothly.


The charter scheduling calendars are the central focus of Airplane Manager. Security insures your users only see what you want them to see and that data gets into the hands of your staff quickly saving time and phone calls.


Air charter jets fly very important people and that means every detail is important. The pilot trip sheets and passenger itineraries help make sure everyone is on the same page and the details are correct.

Reports & Data

Our reports are simply and direct. Flight logs are simple and easy to enter after each flight. Reports insure your staff have the data they need daily. Downloads of your data makes it easy to use.

Air Charter Quoting

World wide airport data and North America FBO data helps us provide good quoting estimates quickly. Customize your quoting profiles so that you have different options per customer type.

Explore what Airplane Manager can do for you

Find out what you'll get when you sign up for an Airplane Manager account. Explore our list of robust features.

  • Air Charter Scheduling Calendar
  • Flight / Crew Schedule
  • Smart Phone Air Charter Features
  • iOS and Android App
  • Flight Management
  • Flight Crew Selection
  • Air Charter Passenger List
  • FBO Data and Contract Jet Fuel
  • Flight Mapping
  • Pilot Trip Sheets
  • Aircraft Flight Logs
  • Trip Expenses
  • Air Charter Quoting
  • Air Charter Quote Software
  • Air Charter Reports
  • Aircraft Location
  • General & Flight Expenses
  • Flight Tracking Map
  • File Sharing
  • Invoicing

Air Charter Scheduling Calendar

User security allows your company to decide what users see and do within AM. Some users can edit flights and others can only view. The flight calendar settings give you full control of the user settings and make it easy to customize your air charter software.

Flight / Crew Schedule

A timeline flight schedule is provided to help give a snapshot of what is happening today. Being able to view a pilot schedule and aircraft at the same time can give the air charter dispatch a quick view of their situation.

Smart Phone Air Charter Features

Pilots can easily view trip sheets, fuel pricing, and complete flight logs right from their smart phone. If used correctly dispatch will never have to ask if a flight has departed or arrived. The AM air charter software allows pilots to enter their data as they fly their trips so that dispatch back home knows all the flight details.

iOS and Android App

From safari or chrome install airplane manager on your smartphone. Crew and passengers can view tripsheets offline. Crew can edit flight logs offline. Passengers can edit their profiles, upload passports and request trips.

Flight Management

In AM you build your trip with point click ease. As you build your trip we auto generate your pilot trip sheets and passenger information sheets. Simply select your airports, FBO's, fuel pricing, notes, and passengers! Once you're done you can email or text the passengers their information for their upcoming flight.

Flight Crew Selection

Crew selection is made easy with pop up tools that show pilot rest, schedule conflicts, flight hours and total days worked.

Air Charter Passenger List

The AM software gives you customer profiles and passenger profiles. Likes, dislikes, notes, and important details that are saved for your next use.

FBO Data and Contract Jet Fuel

AM gives you a simple view of the FBO's available at each airport. We also show you fuel options based upon your preferred contract fuel vendors. Simply select the FBO of your choosing and a fuel price then we post that on your pilot's trip sheet! Oh and there is more options like sending an FBO an arrival message or using our airport search to find fuel stops.

Flight Mapping

AM gives you the option to view your flight on a map. This is a great option for finding fuel pricing or fuel stops. It can also help you find airports that you might not have considered prior.

Pilot Trip Sheets

As always AM makes it easy. Pilot trip sheets are available in several formats. Pilot's can also have their trip sheets via their smart phone.

Aircraft Flight Logs

A flight log is the best source of post trip information. AM allows both dispatch and pilot's to enter flight logs quickly. A pilot can enter the logs directly from their phone. Once entered our data reports kick into high gear giving you access to much needed data.

Trip Expenses

Tracking of expenses is one of the needed functions of any good software. Am allows your pilots to enter expenses directly from their smart phone and even attach a image of the receipts!

Air Charter Quoting

Fleet quoting and broker quoting are both options in our system. Fleet quotes are fast and use pre built quoting profiles. Broker quotes are simple and allow you to mark up a quote and send it as your own. Our quotes are clean and include images. Once your quote is ready you can email them at a click of the mouse!

Air Charter Quote Software

This print view of the charter quote is sent to the client. Our charter quote software makes it easy to send a quote out within 5 minutes of signing up.

Air Charter Reports

Data is king in today's world. Any good air charter company needs data to understand how their business is going. We provide countless reports and your staff will have easy access to downloading their data.

Aircraft Location

Quickly see where your fleet are located be it on the ground or in flight. Each aircraft status light shows green yellow or red to alert you to maintenance discrepancies.

General and Flight Expenses

Our robust form lets you track which expenses should be reimbursed, specific to flights and non-flight costs.

Flight Tracking Map

Get a visual of your fleet on the ground and in the air.

File Sharing

Keep important operational docs available for staff and crew. Mark which documents are required to be viewed and track who viewed them. Individuals can upload their own private documents for safe keeping.


Create one or more invoices from a flight log to send to the billable department. Expenses can be easily copied into the invoice.

All the features you were missing

Trip Notifications
Set which crew members or passengers should receive automatic text message notifications when a trip is updated.
User Control Access
Restrict user accounts to specific aircraft, departments, customers and more.
Trip Requests
Permit certain users and passengers access to a simplified trip request form OR share your trip request form on your website to the public.
Passenger App
Passengers can submit trip requests and update their profile and upload important documents without a log in.
Numerous Reports
Easily broken down by aircraft, department, payment method and many other filters and search parameters. Export your report data to .csv spreadsheet format.
Fuel Pricing
Quickly see the best fuel options sourced from your contract fuel providers and our extensive FBO database. Take note of the AirplaneManager special fuel discount offered from our Preferred FBO network.
Daily FBO Database Updates
See the most up to date FBO information maintained daily by both our internal staff and the FBOs themselves.
Live Trip Sheets
See the most up to date FBO information maintained daily by both our internal staff and the FBOs themselves.
Record Squawks and Discrepancies directly within our software. Keep track of everything from immediate mechanical needs to scheduled maintenance database updates. Keep new contract pilots informed about your fleet.
Flexible Obligation-free Terms
We don’t believe in setup fees or long term contracts. Get full access to our system for 30 days, FREE. After that, we bill monthly.

Looking for integrations?

Airplane Manager comes with dozens of integrations to connect you with the tools you need.

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