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Aircraft Management Control Panel

The aircraft management control panel allows a management company to have an Ops center overview of their managed fleet. Imagine having one control panel that allows you to manage individual Airplane Manager accounts. This will allow you to customize each individual account to the needs of the managed customer. As the management company you will have a birds eye view of all management fleet accounts. Part 135 and Part 91 accounts can be used within the control panel.

 NOTE: Multiple Corporate or Charter Airplane Manager accounts are required before signing up for the management control panel.

Management Dashboard

Quickly see what trips are coming up across all accounts via the dashboard.Include live flight tracking, status of legs, and statistics.

Management Dashboard

Multi-account Map

See exactly where your managed fleet are positioned and live flight tracking. Blocked tail numbers can be selectively unblocked for Airplane Manager.

Multi-account Map


Access all account calendars in one

Free to Use

As a management company you can use the control panel for free as long as you have one managed account connected. Each managed flight department pays their own bill and then requests to attach their individual Airplane Manager account to the management control panel.


Manage as many aircraft and flight departments as possible all without risk of accidental sharing of data between clients.


Many parts of the flight department are specific to that operation. When managing aircraft it can be confusing having to make things work across a mixed fleet and mixed management situation. We have fixed this problem as each managed customer can have their Airplane Manager account customized for their needs.

Data Ownership

As a management company you will have overview rights granted by the flight department or aircraft owner. However, the management flight department can opt out at any time and detach their account from the control panel. If they do detach, a download of flight data will remain for the management company to use to show the history of flights during their management period. The flight department itself will retain ownership of their data and remain an Airplane Manager customer until they terminate the contract with Airplane Manager. This is a nice feature for the managed clients as many will want to insure they will have ownership of their data.

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