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Multi-Account Control Panel

Explore an Ops center overview of your managed fleet.

Customize individual accounts to the needs of the managed customer.

One dashboard for all your accounts

The aircraft management control panel provides a centralized Ops center overview for management companies. With this tool, you can seamlessly manage individual Airplane Manager accounts from a single interface.

This system allows you to customize each account to suit the unique needs of your clients. As a management company, you will have a comprehensive, bird's-eye view of your entire fleet. The control panel supports both Part 135 and Part 91 accounts, ensuring versatile and efficient fleet management.

  1. To qualify for the multi-account control panel you must already have more than one AirplaneManager.com account.
  2. Log into an existing Airplane Manager account
  3. Go to "Settings"
  4. Go to Management Companies / Remote Schedulers
  5. Click Request access to Multi-Account Control Panel

Explore what Airplane Manager can do for you

Find out what you'll get when you sign up for an Airplane Manager account. Explore our list of robust features.

  • Management Dashboard
  • Multi-Account Map
  • Calendar

Management Dashboard

Quickly see what trips are coming up across all accounts via the dashboard.Include live flight tracking, status of legs, and statistics.

Multi-Account Map

See exactly where your managed fleet are positioned and live flight tracking. Blocked tail numbers can be selectively unblocked for Airplane Manager.


Access all account calendars in one.