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Corporate Jet Scheduling

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All prices are per month and per aircraft only. All contracts are month to month and payments are made by credit card.

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Air Charter Scheduling

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All prices are Monthly Total and per aircraft only. All contracts are month to month and payments are made by credit card.



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Multi-Account Control Panel

The multi-account control panel allows a management company to have an Ops center overview of their managed fleet. Imagine having one control panel that allows you to manage individual Airplane Manager accounts. This will allow you to customize each individual account to the needs of the managed customer. As the management company you will have a birds eye view of all management fleet accounts. Part 135 and Part 91 accounts can be used within the control panel.

 NOTE: Multiple Corporate or Charter Airplane Manager accounts are required before signing up for the management control panel. Learn More

Preferred FBO Network

Gain access to aircraft who use Airplane Manager as their sole source of airport and FBO selections. It's 100% FREE! All you have to do is offer our members an exclusive fuel discount and if we accept your FBO we try to direct as much of our traffic to your location as possible.

Features of being the Preferred FBO
• Top placement on all airport search pages, airport selection pages, and FBO directory
• Placement within our fuel selection page
• Placement on our fuel stop map

  • 100% Progressive Web Based App
  • User Role Security Restrictions
  • Designed for mobile phones & tablets
  • Document sharing
  • Expense tracking with quickbooks integration
  • Flight tracking
  • Flight plan filing
  • Calendar sync with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook
  • International Handling
  • eAPIs filing
  • Customs forms population
  • FRAT
  • Airport lookup with flight times, drive times, drive distances and cheapest fuel
  • Fuel Stop Map selection
  • Time & Duty Log
  • iOS / Google / Outlook Calendar
  • Aircraft Flight Logs
  • Maintenance API
  • Aircraft due items & Squawks
  • Staff & Crew Schedule Calendar
  • TSA Name Vetting
  • Pilot Tracking
  • Passenger profiles
  • Robust reports and exports
  • Air Charter Quoting & Invoicing
  • E-Signature features
  • Tripsheets & Passenger Itineraries
  • Worldwide Airport Directory
  • North American FBO Directory
  • Preferred FBO Network with fuel discounts
  • Contract fuel price shopping
Our Team

Airplane Manager began in 2006 while Terry Cooper (pictured on right) was a corporate pilot flying a G450 and G200 out of Orange County, CA.

Understanding that the industry needed a web based flight scheduling software Terry set out to build his idea and proving the concept. Now with staff pictured below Airplane Manager is setting the pace in the industry.

Terry began his career by joining the U.S. Coast Guard and becoming a aircraft mechanic and flight crewmen. After graduating West Virginia University he completed his flying at Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, FL. Shortly after graduation he began his flying career at a Lear jet charter company based in FL. Terry since has flown fire patrol, air charter, cargo, checks, air ambulance flights, and corporate jets. At the age of 34 Terry had gained seven type ratings and was a captain on a Gulfstream G450 out of Orange County, CA. It was at that time Airplane Manager was born and 12 years later the dream continues!

Software Developer

Matthew joined the company in 2009 and is accustomed to wearing many hats. He is tasked with both administrative and development roles. He still enjoys answering customer support calls and is happy to help.

Software Architect

Aaron has worked with AirplaneManager off and on from almost the very beginning. With a security clearance Aaron is tasked with deciding which technologies for security and application development we will adopt and their implementation.

FBO Manager

Patrick maintains relationships with FBOs and oversees the Preferred FBO Fuel Network. He will help make sure your FBO listing is updated and help if you want to become an airports Preferred FBO. Patrick is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Master Chief aircraft A&P and IA. When he is not working he is out riding dirt bikes in the mountains!

Zoey, Casey, Jenga & Titan
Treat Enforcement

Zoey, Casey, Jenga & Titan are the heart of AirplaneManager. Their daily tasks include the consumption of treats, scheduling walks when the work day ends and boosting company morale.

Flight Scheduling Software

intuitive software for private jets
Flight Departments
Active Users
Aviation software designed with corporate jets in mind.

The design and features Terry, Aaron, and Matthew design are meant to be simple and functional in principle. We strive to give you features you understand and will use without to much learning on the part of our customers.

Flying connects us
to the industry.

Having 7 type ratings Terry has the experience to understand your flight departments needs. Flying to NBAA conventions, industry meetings, and to visit customers keeps us connected to the needs of our members. Pat having an A&P and IA license helps keep us connect to the maintenance needs of the industry.

Our Aircraft

Our company plane the Aerostar 601P is equipped with Garmin touchscreen avionics, intercoolers, and pressurization. Flying the Aerostar was always a dream for Terry as a boy and now that he no longer flies a business jet full time he makes good use of this plane for our company. (Aerostar is the fastest production piston twin engine aircraft ever built)