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Over 18 years in the Industry

Welcome to Airplane Manager, a comprehensive flight scheduling and management software designed exclusively for the private jet industry and air charter operators. Airplane Manager pioneered web-based scheduling software in this industry, and today, it continues to lead by providing the most advanced and cutting-edge software solutions available.

1132 Flight Departments
4389 Aircraft
25806 Active Users
4315 FBOs

Flight Scheduling Software Designed For You

Introducing the first web-based flight scheduling software crafted exclusively for corporate and charter jets since 2009. Our mission is to offer intuitive software that seamlessly connects pilots, passengers, owners, and executive assistants.

Take Flight with our New App

Seamless Airplane Management and Scheduling

Take control from any altitude. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop, manage your fleet effortlessly. Even when you're grounded without an internet connection, you can update flight logs. Once back in the digital skies, all your changes sync seamlessly. Experience convenience like never before.

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All the features you were missing

Icon of a laptop and a mobile phone Modern App Features
  • 100% Progressive Web Based App
  • User Role Security Restrictions
  • Designed for mobile phones & tablets
  • E-Signature features
  • Maintenance API
Icon of a laptop and a mobile phone Collaborative Tooling
  • Document sharing
  • Staff & Crew Schedule Calendar
  • Calendar sync with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook
  • Trip Messaging / Chat
  • Passenger Profiles
Icon of a laptop and a mobile phone Data & Analytics
  • Flight tracking
  • Expense tracking with Quickbooks integration
  • Time & Duty Log
  • Aircraft Flight Logs
  • Pilot Tracking
  • Aircraft due items & Squawks
  • Tripsheets & Passenger Itineraries
  • Robust reports & exports
Icon of a laptop and a mobile phone Management & Operations
  • Flight plan filing
  • International Handling
  • eAPIS (Direct Filing and FlashPass)
  • Customs forms population
  • FRAT
  • Airport lookup with flight times, drive times, drive distances and cheapest fuel
  • Fuel Stop Map selection
  • TSA Name Vetting
  • Air Charter Quoting & Invoicing
  • Worldwide Airport Directory
  • North American FBO Directory
  • Preferred FBO Network with fuel discounts
  • Contract fuel price shopping

Superior Security You Can Trust

At Airplane Manager, we deeply value the security and integrity of your flight department data. We recognize its pivotal role in your company's operations.

With our unwavering commitment to security, we not only adhere to industry standards but consistently strive to exceed them.

Top-Tier Servers

Housed within an undisclosed U.S. data center, our servers are guarded 24/7 against both physical and remote threats by a dedicated IT team. They're fortified with DDoS protection, SOC3 certification, and regular virus scans.

Robust Software Measures

Beyond routine updates for our Operating System, Framework, and Database, we maintain minimal external frameworks. This proactive approach made us immune to threats like the log4J vulnerability. All software updates are timely to ensure no vulnerabilities linger.

Data Integrity & Privacy

All user data benefits from industry-standard security protocols like password hashing and 2FA. Moreover, every piece of data, whether in transit or at rest, is encrypted. Our commitment? Zero compromise on your data's confidentiality and integrity.

18 Years of Unblemished Record

Across our extensive service span, we boast a spotless track record. No lost user data. Zero instances of compromised data.

Comprehensive Compliance

While ensuring alignment with PCI, we also honor most HIPAA regulations. Notably, our servers accommodate remote access solely via VPN for authorized personnel, fortifying data security at every access point.

Dedicated and Trained Staff

Our team comprises handpicked professionals, ensuring zero external outsourcing and thereby minimizing risks. Communication is secured through encrypted VPN channels. Additionally, our staff undergoes regular training, ensuring they're adept at recognizing and countering digital threats.

Flight Dispatch and Scheduling Solutions with ONeCALL®

Looking for reliable and flexible flight dispatch and scheduling services? Discover what ONeCALL® has to offer!

As a fully integrated Flight Dispatch Operations Center, ONeCALL® specializes in providing tailored remote dispatching and scheduling services designed to your flight department's requirements.

Whether you're in need of additional scheduling assistance or a full-service dispatch center, ONeCALL® offers a subscription plan to meet your needs.

Trust ONeCALL® to provide exceptional support for Airplane Manager customers.

Looking for integrations?

Airplane Manager comes with dozens of integrations to connect you with the tools you need.

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