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Gateway Facilities Ulc - Preferred FBO
Fuel Prices
Jet-A 6.20
100LL 10.03
AM Preferred Discount Yes
Ramp Fee waived No
Phone   (902)873-1900
FAX   (902)873-1901
Email   customerservice@yhzgateway.com
Website www.yhzgateway.com
M 24 Hours F 24 Hours
T 24 Hours S 24 Hours
W 24 Hours Su 24 Hours
Th 24 Hours
Prices are in CAD/Litres - HST is extra. Additive is extra (0.03/L). Self-Serve Jet A not available. Tier pricing available based on volume of uplift. Please contact us directly for accurate fuel pricing. We can accommodate up to a Bombardier RJ-200 in our hangar, Hangar fees differ from Ramp parking fees. Full services available including GPU, LAV, catering, transportation and more. ***Please contact Customer Service for a quote based on your aircraft.***
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