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Scheduled Arrivals for last 12 months (365 days)

ICAO Name Arrivals
KBHM Birmingham-shuttlesworth Intl 757
KTCL Tuscaloosa Rgnl 750
KAUO Auburn University Rgnl 333
KMGM Montgomery Rgnl Dannelly Field 274
KEKY Bessemer 234
KJKA Jack Edwards 231
KHSV Huntsville Intl-carl T Jones Field 202
K79J South Alabama Rgnl At Bill Benton Field 146
KDCU Pryor Field Rgnl 143
KBFM Mobile Downtown 136
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This information is only a sample of the arrivals scheduled in AirplaneManager.com scheduling software
and is not representative of data/information from the FAA or aviation industry.