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CYOJ - High Level Airport ... High Level, , CA

Lat / Long: 58.62139, -117.16472
Lights: None
Elevation: 1110 FT
U.S. Customs: No
Time Zone: America/Edmonton   UTC -7 (-6 DST)
Time: 11:44 PM [0544 UTC]
Tower: No
Daylight Savings: Yes   Mar 10   -   Nov 03
Flight Fuels
Fuel Prices
Jet-A 8.52
100LL 9.65
AM Preferred Discount No
Ramp Fee waived No
Phone   780-926-3700
Email   [email protected]
M 24 Hours F 24 Hours
T 24 Hours S 24 Hours
W 24 Hours Su 24 Hours
Th 24 Hours
Pilot Lounge
We are the guaranteed lowest priced fuel in High Level. We have been serving the aviation community for over 30 years. Please reach out to Shane and we will work with you on all needs.
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Airports Nearby CYOJ

Airport Distance mi Distance km Runway ft Runway m Best JetA Best 100LL
CYOJ High Level 0 mi 0 km 5000 ft 1524 m $8.52 $9.65
CFN5 La Crete 43 mi 70 km 2950 ft 899 m -- --
CEZ4 Fort Vermilion 46 mi 74 km 2995 ft 912 m -- --

Arrivals Per 365 Days

CYOJ Airport 1
Flight Fuels 1
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