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SYR - Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport ...

Syracuse, NY, US

Lat / Long: 43.1111869444, -76.1063105556
Time Zone: America/New_York   UTC -5 (-4 DT)
Time: 1:08 PM [1708 UTC]
Elevation: 421
Tower: Yes
U.S. Customs: Yes
U.S. Customs Phone: 315.455.2271

SYR FBO Information

Retail Jet-A Discounts for AM Members
Jet-A (/ gal)
0 to 249$4.51*
250 to 499$4.51*
500 to 999$4.51*
100LL (/ gal)

* Discount applied to original price of $4.81
Updated: 7/6/2020
WE ARE CAA in KSYR! Syracuse's Newest Fixed Base Operator, Million Air is a highly experienced provider of FBO services with a legacy of consistent commitment to excellence. The ultimate goal is to provide the customer with a comprehensive and effortless experience. As the ultimate provider of FBO services, Million Air Syracuse FBO boasts capable and dedicated staff at our location in Syracuse,( KSYR ) New York and offers a full range of services for passengers, crew and owners.
P: 315-937-5770 F: 315-937-5777 E: csrsyr@millionair.com W: http://www.millionair.com/SYR.aspx Freq: 131.4
m 24 Hours
t 24 Hours
w 24 Hours
th 24 Hours
f 24 Hours
sa 24 Hours
su 24 Hours
Jet-A (/ gal) $4.72
100LL (/ gal) $4.92
Updated: 7/9/2020
Signature Flight Support Syracuse is part of the largest FBO network in the world. Stop in and enjoy complementary sodas, water, coffee, and snacks while our professional and friendly staff take care of your passengers and aircraft. We offer comprehensive service for your operation including aircraft maintenance, provided by our Signature TECHINCAir facility. Please send an inquiry to our listed email address regarding coordinated maintenance service and FBO discounts.
P: 315-455-7951 F: 315-455-5395 E: syr@signatureflight.com W: https://www.signatureflight.com/location?iata=SYR Freq: 122.95
m 24 Hours
t 24 Hours
w 24 Hours
th 24 Hours
f 24 Hours
sa 24 Hours
su 24 Hours

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Airports Nearby Syracuse Hancock Intl Airport

Airport Distance mi. Runway ft. Best JetA Best 100LL
CAMILLUS (NY2) 8 3,970 -- --
SKANEATELES AERO DROME (6B9) 18 3,350 -- --
OSWEGO COUNTY (FZY) 18 5,196 -- --
WHITFORDS (B16) 19 3,630 -- --
BECKS GROVE (K16) 23 3,000 -- --

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