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SKCL (SKCL) - Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport Airport ...

Cali, , CO

Lat / Long: 3.5432220000, -76.3815830000
Time Zone: America/Bogota   UTC -5 (-5 DT)
Lights: --
Time: 12:30 PM [1630 UTC]
Elevation: 3162
Tower: --

SKCL FBO Information

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Jet-A $2.88 /gal
Updated: 7/14/2020
We are committed with crew and passengers to provide an excellent service which exceeds their expectations, supported by an operation with high efficient standards.
P: (+57) 3153429824 F: 571413 8842 E: operationscol@aerosupportfbo.com W: http://aerosupportfbo.com Freq: 131.6
m 24 Hours
t 24 Hours
w 24 Hours
th 24 Hours
f 24 Hours
sa 24 Hours
su 24 Hours

Updated: 1/20/2021
We provide a full range of ground handling services and maintain a highly trained, experience staff of professionals who are provided with all the necessary equipment for a truly personalized service.
P: 1 888 732 0064 F: 1 813 425 9378 E: camposo@csfs.aero W: http://csfs.aero Freq: 0.0
m closed
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