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LBF - North Platte Rgnl Airport Lee Bird Field Airport ...

North Platte, NE, US

Lat / Long: 41.1262222222, -100.6836666667
Time Zone: America/Chicago   UTC -6 (-5 DT)
Time: 12:59 PM [1659 UTC]
Elevation: 2777
Tower: No

LBF FBO Information

Jet-A (/ gal) $4.22
100LL (/ gal) $5.27
Updated: 7/1/2019
P: 308-532-5864 F: 308-532-5870 E: lbf.customer@trego-dugan.com W: http://www.trego-dugan.com/ Freq: 0.000
m closed
t closed
w closed
th closed
f closed
sa closed
su closed

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Airports Nearby North Platte Rgnl Airport Lee Bird Field Airport

Airport Distance mi. Runway ft. Best JetA Best 100LL
TREGO (5NE5) 21 3,400 -- --

Arrivals Per 365 Days

LBF Airport 29
Tregodugan Aviation 29
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