Corporate Flight Scheduling

  • Customizable color calendars
  • Crew scheduling calendar
  • Pilot profiles
  • Customizable and Mobile Friendly Pilot Tripsheets
  • Customizable and Mobile Friendly Passenger Itineraries
  • Aircraft Flight Logs
  • Passenger Lists
  • Live Fuel Pricing
  • Global Airport Data
  • US FBO Data

Air Charter Features

  • Aircraft Quoting Profiles
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Pilot Time and Duty
  • Expense Tracking
  • Pilot Training Profiles
  • Mobile Quoting
  • Broker Quoting
  • Air Charter Exporting
  • External Quoting

Aircraft Scheduling Calendars

The month calendar is the most common and straight-forward calendar view. Flights, quotes, notes, and other items are all listed on the day of the event and are visually seperated using a customizable color scheme.

aircraft scheduling calendar by month

Alternatively, a flight department can use the Flight / Crew view if the month calendar is overwhelming. The Flight / Crew view sorts the events by either the aircraft in the flight department or the crew.

aircraft scheduling calendar by crew

Mobile Access Air Charter

Airplanemanager core features are mobile friendly. Air charter companies can quickly create and email quotes on the go and pilots can update their Time and Duty from the runway! The mobile version of our site can be accessed at

mobile air charter

Flight Management

Our flight scheduling software provides a simple way to build flights. Select departing and arrival airports, flight times, FBOs, fuel providers, and crew all in one easy to use interface. Once completed, you can print or email tripsheets and passenger itineraries.

flight management

Passenger List

Select a customer when building a trip and we will show you the passengers associated with that customer. We let you share passengers with multiple customers making trip building versatile in case a passenger needs the tripsheet to appear under his business name "Acme Company" or his personal customer profile "The Jones Family".

flight passenger selection

FBO Selection & Real-time Contract Fuel

Flight departments can choose from variety of fixed base operators. At select airports, preferred FBOs provide members discounted services! Members can also upload fuel price spreadsheets given to them from fuel providers to compare each and easily find the best fuel price.

fixed base operator selection

Flight Mapping

See a visual representation of your trip on a detailed map. Click on surrounding airports to compare fuel prices.

Map of Airport Fuel Prices


Airplanemanager's tripsheets and itineraries provide all the information required for a trip in a clean and readable format. Tripsheets provide flight calculations, departure and arrival information, FBO contact details, and other items. Flight department administrators and schedulers can also text interactive mobile-friendly versions of the tripsheets to crew and passengers so they can check the weather and contact anyone on the flight straight from their phone!

Air Charter Tripsheets

Aircraft Flight Logs

After a trip is complete, you can simply export the trip detils into a flight log. Our system will add up your times, forward last totals, and then make reports from your data.

airplane flight logs

Flight Expenses

For each flight log we allow the user to add trip expenses. Expenses expenses at can be modified at later times if needed by locating the flight log in question.

flight expense tracking

Air Charter Quoting

We offer the easiest quoting system in the air charter industry. Our quote system allows multiple quoting profiles per aircraft, modification of a variety of different fees, and provides complete control to the user. Can you imagine making a quote and emailing it out in 1 minute?

air charter quote

User Profiles

Flight departments can manage a variety of different user types including administrators, schedulers, pilots, and flight attendants. Each user type have specific roles throughout the system and maintain different certifications and holdings. As administrators and schedulers create trips, they can instantly check if the crew is eligible for flight based on current certifications and rest time regulations!

admins, schedulers, pilots, flight attendants


Airplanemanager provides pilot reports, customer reports, and other varieties. Flight departments can turn on SIFL reporting to track which passengers flew as personal and which flew as business.

sifl reporting

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