Air Charter Software

Features include a fully web based scheduling platform. The flight calendar is the center point of the system with features such as air charter quoting, invoicing, time & duty, pilot tracking, aircraft status, crew scheduling, passenger tracking, and reports. Options such as TSA vetting and SIFL tax tracking are available as well.

The AM contract fuel matrix and preferred FBO program are all included within the AM air charter platform making it easy for flight departments to find the lowest priced fuel without the hassle of leaving the software.

Quoting is fast and easy with features like quote profiles for quick pricing per customer type. QuickBooks exporting allows you to export all the data you need from a quote or invoice to your accounting software.

Air Charter Scheduling Calendar

User security allows your company to decide what users see and do within AM. Some users can edit flights and others can only view. The flight calendar settings give you full control of the user settings and make it easy to customize your air charter software.

aircraft scheduling calendar by month

Flight / Crew Calendar

A timeline flight schedule is provided to help give a snapshot of what is happening today. Being able to view a pilot schedule and aircraft at the same time can give the air charter dispatch a quick view of their situation.

aircraft scheduling calendar by crew

Smart Phone Air Charter Features

Pilots can easily view trip sheets, fuel pricing, and complete flight logs right from their smart phone. If used correctly dispatch will never have to ask if a flight has departed or arrived. The AM air charter software allows pilots to enter their data as they fly their trips so that dispatch back home knows all the flight details.

mobile air charter

Flight Management

In AM you build your trip with point click ease. As you build your trip we auto generate your pilot trip sheets and passenger information sheets. Simply select your airports, FBO's, fuel pricing, notes, and passengers! Once your done you can email or text the passengers their information for their upcoming flight.

flight management

Air Charter Passenger List

The AM software gives you customer profiles and passenger profiles. Likes, dislikes, notes, and important details that are saved for your next use.

flight passenger selection

FBO Data and Contract Jet Fuel

AM gives you a simple view of the FBO's available at each airport. We also show you fuel options based upon your preferred contract fuel vendors. Simply select the FBO of your choosing and a fuel price then we post that on your pilot's trip sheet! Oh and there is more options like sending an FBO an arrival message or using our airport search to find fuel stops.

fixed base operator selection

Flight Mapping

AM gives you the option to view your flight on a map. This is a great option for finding fuel pricing or fuel stops. It can also help you find airports that you might not have considered prior.

Map of Airport Fuel Prices

Pilot Trip sheets

As always AM makes it easy. Pilot trip sheets are available in several formats. Pilot's can also have their trip sheets via their smart phone.

Air Charter Tripsheets

Aircraft Flight Logs

A flight log is the best source of post trip information. AM allows both dispatch and pilot's to enter flight logs quickly. A pilot can enter the logs directly from their phone. Once entered our data reports kick into high gear giving you access to much needed data.

airplane flight logs

Trip Expenses

Tracking of expenses is one of the needed functions of any good software. Am allows your pilots to enter expenses directly from their smart phone and even attach a image of the receipts!

flight expense tracking

Air Charter Quoting

Fleet quoting and broker quoting are both options in our system. Fleet quotes are fast and use pre built quoting profiles. Broker quotes are simple and allow you to mark up a quote and send it as your own. Our quotes are clean and include images. Once your quote is ready you can email them at a click of the mouse!

air charter quote

Staff User Profiles

AM gives you control of your employees and staff. The logins are controlled by your company and each user can have a profile based upon their position in the flight department. Pilot profiles track information such as medicals, passports, and training.

admins, schedulers, pilots, flight attendants

Air Charter Reports

Data is king in today's world. Any good air charter company needs data to understand how their business is going. We provide countless reports and your staff will have easy access to downloading their data.

sifl reporting

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