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Create quotes, flights, flight logs, invoices offers a unique set of tools to streamline your business. Broker and Charter company membership includes access to the air charter marketplace at no additional cost.
30 day free trial. Accounts cost $60 per month per aircraft with a $100 minimum. Large companies are only charged for their first 5 aircraft ($300 MAX).
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Air Charter Broker Software System Features

As an air charter broker time is money. Airplanemanager is the system that will save you time and make you more money by providing you with the tools needed to work quickly and manage your operation. No matter if you need to issue a quote via your smart phone or you need to email a trip sheet to the air charter company to make sure they get the trip details correct the first time we have you covered. Airplanemanager is the system the industry is buzzing about. Check out our features list below and then give it a try.

Air Broker Software Features

  • - Fleet Quoting (make your own aircraft and set quoting profiles for easy quoting)
  • - Broker Quoting (quote any aircraft make and model in seconds and customize it)
  • - Email Quotes (email your quotes with one click of the mouse)
  • - Scheduling Calendar (book quotes into trips on your calendar with ease)
  • - Airport/FBO data (select airports and FBO's quickly and save favorites)
  • - Passenger trip sheets (email customers and passengers trip details)
  • - Invoice (invoice trips or other costs after the trip is completed)
  • - Mobile phone (use your smart phone to send quotes, view trip sheets, or scheduling)
  • - Add employees (add new brokers to your company and keep customers seperate from each other)
  • - Security (have oversight of your company and the ability to keep a close eye on your staff)
  • - Marketing (auto exporting of empty legs and we also provide a web site quoting tool)
  • - Inventory Search (search for air charter aircraft quickly with one click of the button)
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