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Flight Calendar

The core part of the system is the monthly calendar. Manage your flight department via our modern web based flight calendar as well as smart phone tools.

aircraft scheduling calendar by month
Air Charter Tripsheets


At Airplane Manager we know the value of smart phones and tablets. Our pilot trip sheets auto size and convert for phones giving passengers and pilots an easy to use format.

Flight / Crew Calendar

This timeline calendar allows a company to view their aircraft and staff schedules quickly and as has many settings to provide maximum usage at a flight department. Scheduling pilots vacation, training, flights, and on call has never been easier.

aircraft scheduling calendar by month
Air Charter Tripsheets

Aircraft Flight Logs

The flight log portion of the system tracks your aircraft's day to day operations. This area allows pilots to enter flight logs per leg from their smart phone as well as tracks expenses. Made a mistake? No big deal, simply make your edit and our system corrects all past flight logs.

Contract Fuel Matrix

Easily compare and select the best fuel price from all your contract fuel vendors as well as discounted prices from our Preferred FBO Network.

Our Members Save Money on Fuel!

Preferred FBO Network Provides retail fuel discounts and waved ramp fees for our members. View Discounts.

FBO and Airport Directory

Our software requires powerful data in order to allow our flight departments to schedule their trips world wide. With over 33,000 airports and thousands of FBOs our software connect flight departments with their FBO of choice.

FBOs - Want more arrivals?

We have the aircraft and we make it easy for your FBO to make sure your profile is updated on a regular basic and free of charge.

Login to AirplaneManager.com post your services, hours, fuel prices, and contact information. We will do the rest!

AirplaneManager.com has partnered with www.FBOdatabase.com to help provide our customers the most accurate and up to date FBO information possible.

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